We do one thing and we do it well…We make Marine Grade boat camera mounts”

– Marshall Baker founder of MyBoatingPro

Barracuda GoPro Mount


The Barracuda is the most versatile Marine Grade boat camera mount on the market! Compatible with any camera including GoPro, DSLR, or camcorder. Order the 1/4-20 stud attachment for your DSLR or camcorder and you can use the Barracuda.

Easy Install

The Barracuda is the easiest Marine Grade boat camera mount to install on the market! Simply clamp the mount around any tubular railing and lock down the latch clamp. The mount can be attached to a ski tower, railing on a sailboat, railing structure of a flybridge, or any other railing on your vessel.


The Barracuda comes in 4 different sizes and is completely adjustable within each size. Whether you have a 2.5 diameter ski boat tower or a 1/2″ diameter sailboat railing, the Barracuda will securely attach. Each size is adjustable up to 1/2″ which allows you to move the mount to different size tubular fittings.

gopro boat mount

Lifetime Guarantee$49.95

  • Add additional attachments for as low as $5
  • Universal – Fits tubular railing from 2.5″ to 0.5″
  • Built to withstand harsh marine environments
  • Lightweight – 5.5 ounces including all hardware

The Barracuda is the most rugged Marine Grade boat camera mount on the market! Made from glass filled nylon blend this mount can withstand all that a marine environment can throw at it. The hardware used was specifically chosen to withstand saltwater

100% Guaranteed

The Barracuda is the highest quality Marine Grade boat camera mount on the market! Each mount is assembled one at a time in our Montana shop which ensures the maximum quality assurance. We have a 100% no questions asked return policy. We guaranty each mount so you can buy with confidence!


The Barracuda is extremely secure! The design of the mount allows for a stainless steel cotter pin to be inserted in the latch which virtually eliminates the possibly of the latch releasing. After you snap the latch closed, insert the stainless steel cotter pin in its’ hole and there is no way the latch can release.

Featured Bundles

Barracuda Bundle
Barracuda Bundle

With the Barracuda Bundle you get 2 Barracuda mounts plus the MyBoatingPro Wrench at 20% off retail! Now you can record your marine adventure from 2 different points of view on your vessel. The Barracuda mount is compatible with all cameras including GoPro, Camcorders, and DSLR. Every MyBoatingPro product comes with a LIFETIME guarantee!


  • You get 2 Barracuda Mounts
  • Your choice of sizes on each mount
  • Your choice of Swivel Ball type on each mount
  • MyBoatingPro Wrench included
$99.95 Select options
Bow Rider GoPro Boat Mount Bundle
gopro boat swivel mount
Bow Rider GoPro Boat Mount Bundle

Every GoPro boat mount needs to be able to withstand the rigors of marine environments and the MyBoatingPro GoPro boat mount bundle fulfills this need. You get both the Bow Rider, Bow Rider Swivel, and the MyBoatingPro Wrench. This mount bundle is a great value at 20% off the regular price of the separate products!

  • MyBoatingPro Bow Rider Swivel
  • MyBoatingPro Bow Rider
  • MyBoatingPro Wrench
  • Made from aluminum, stainless steel, glass filled nylon, and neoprene
  • Compatible with all GoPro and Virb cameras
  • 100% Made in USA
  • LIFETIME guaranty
  • Free Domestic Shipping
not rated $99.95 Add to cart
MyBoatingPro Ultimate Bundle
MyBoatingPro Ultimate Bundle
MyBoatingPro Ultimate Bundle

You won’t find a more complete Marine Grade camera mount bundle than this anywhere! Record up to 6 different points of view on your vessel. 25% off retail pricing and a LIFETIME Guarantee!!!

  • 2 Barracuda Mounts
  • 2 Extra Barracuda Arms
  • Choice of Swivel Ball types
  • 2 Neoprene Barracuda Spacer Paks
  • Octopus Windshield Mount
  • Octopus Swivel Windshield Mount
  • MyBoatingPro Wrench
$144.95 Select options