We are a memory maker company. That’s likely an over-simplified MyBoatingPro story but it’s better than a ton of descriptions. We do one thing and we do it well…We make Marine Grade camera mounts to capture all your marine adventures! Whether it’s water skiing, fishing on your boat, lazy canoe trip, or sailing across the ocean we have you covered.
Water sports and fishing has always been a passion of mine. I have recorded many hours of my adventures on action cameras. I love salt water fishing, fly fishing the rivers here in Montana, and taking my boat out on local lakes with family and friends. In the past I would use my action cameras without the benefit of a dedicated boat mount. I quickly realized that an easy-to-install high quality boat mount would make the experience so much more enjoyable. In addition to MyBoatingPro I own an aircraft action camera mount company as well, MyPilotPro. The experience building action camera mounts for aircraft led me to develop high quality Marine Grade action camera boat mounts.
Every MyBoatingPro mount is handcrafted one at a time which allows us to ensure the highest standards. Therefore we only use materials that are resistant to marine environments encountered on both salt water and fresh water. We only use stainless steel and aluminum hardware on MyBoatingPro mounts. Anything else just wouldn’t be right!
I realize that making a high quality product is not enough. The MyBoatingPro Story includes providing rock solid customer support. Our mounts are not our primary asset…you are! I always enjoy receiving feedback from my customers and interacting with them. If you have any questions or comments please get in touch with me via the Contact Us page!
Every MyBoatingPro mount comes with a “no questions asked” LIFETIME guarantee. I am very confident that the quality and service provided by MyBoatingPro mounts will not only meet, but exceed your expectations!
Marshall Baker – Founder of MyBoatingPro