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Bow Rider GoPro Boat Mount Bundle


Every GoPro boat mount needs to be able to withstand the rigors of marine environments and the MyBoatingPro GoPro boat mount bundle fulfills this need. You get both the Bow Rider, Bow Rider Swivel, and the MyBoatingPro Wrench. This mount bundle is a great value at 20% off the regular price of the separate products!

  • MyBoatingPro Bow Rider Swivel
  • MyBoatingPro Bow Rider
  • MyBoatingPro Wrench
  • Made from aluminum, stainless steel, glass filled nylon, and neoprene
  • Compatible with all GoPro and Virb cameras
  • 100% Made in USA
  • LIFETIME guaranty
  • Free Domestic Shipping
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The MyBoatingPro Bow Rider GoPro boat mount bundle gives you the MyBoatingPro Bow Rider Swivel, MyBoatingPro Bow Rider, and MyBoatingPro Wrench. You get all this at a 20% savings to the individually priced products! This bundle package represents a great value! Yet, when you condsider it comes with a LIFETIME guaranty you can buy with confidence!


This GoPro boat mount bundle is great for multi-view filming of your boating adventure! Attach the MyBoatingPro Bow Rider on your boats bow eye hook for straight ahead shots and attach the MyBoatingPro Bow Rider Swivel to your boat’s transom tie down for awesome side shots! There are several configurations to put them in but whatever configuration you use you’re assured to get memorable footage of every boating adventure! MyBoatingPro products are compatible with all GoPro cameras and come with LIFETIME guaranty!

American Made

Each mount is hand crafted one at a time which ensures highest standard. MyBoatingPro mounts are 100% American made with American labor and we outsource nothing. We get our aluminum from Pennsylvania, neoprene from Colorado, and stainless steel hardware from Montana. Our partnership with Ram Mounts is something we are very proud of as well. We take our quality assurance very seriously and sourcing from the USA ensures this!

While I consider our GoPro boats mount to be the best in the industry, my customer support is even better! I realize that my mounts are not my primary asset, you are! I receive a lot of feedback from my customers and interacting with them gives me great insight into what you, my primary asset, are looking for in a GoPro boat mount. Please feel free to get in touch with us on the Contact Us page with any questions you have.


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