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Octopus Windshield Camera Mount


The Octopus is a perfect addition to the cockpit for recording your GoPro marine footage. It’s small footprint and effective design allows you to attach it to any non-porous surface inside the cockpit. The Octopus mount is perfect for straight forward filming through the windshield or back down the deck of your vessel. Attaching the Octopus mount could not be easier, just simply put it where you want and push on the top of each suction cup. Releasing the suction cups could not be easier as well. Just pull on the tab of each suction cup and they release. The suction cups are rated to hold more than 7 times the weight of a GoPro camera, GoPro camera case, and the mount combined! Once you mount the Octopus, it’s there to stay until you release the suction by pulling on the tabs. The Octopus is compatible with all action cameras including GoPro. The Octopus is made in the USA one mount at a time where attention is given to quality. It comes with a LIFETIME guarantee!


• Mount is made of corrosion resistant aluminum and stainless steel hardware
• Width 3.75” between tips of suction cups
• Height 1.75”
• Weight 1.3 oz including all hardware


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